Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trifle Pudding


This is my first entry that I wrote in English.  It is because of my handsome mentor, 
Mr. Julian Grey (he pushed me to do so...hahaha...) Don't be mad Julian, just kidding !!!
Julian asked me to write about my TRIFLE PUDDING...hurmm...sound great :)
I think Julian will be make this pudding after he gets this recipe, then I can taste it! (Wink ! Wink ! to Julian)
So let's check the ingredients.

Base :
270 g swiss roll (any flavours)

Custard :
1 can evaporated creamer
4 tbs castor sugar
4 tbs custard powder

Ingredients :
1 can mixed fruit
1 box jelly crystal (90 g)
400 ml water (2 cups)

Method :

  • Prepared a square bowl - I prefer to use clear bowl because I can see the nice layer of pudding.
  • To make base, slice swiss roll to 1/2 inch pieces.
  • Line bottom of square bowl with slice swiss roll.
  • Separated mixed fruit from the syrup (the syrup will be used to wet the swiss roll).
  • Then, wet the swiss roll with mixed fruit syrup.
  • To make custard, combined evaporated creamer, castor sugar and custard powder in a pot.  Mix well, then cook the mixture untill thickened.
  • Pour custard mixture onto swiss roll and flatten it.
  • Sprinkle mixed fruit on custard mixture.
  • In a small pot, boil jelly crystal with water until dissolved.
  • Then, pour jelly crystal on the custard and mixed fruit.
  • Chill it in the freezer.  After an hour you can enjoy the yummylicious trifle pudding. 

 Swiss roll - slice to 1/2 inch pieces
This is the custard powder that I used in my trifle. 
 Here are the evaporated creamer and mixed fruit (fruit cocktail).
 Jelly crystal from Nona...clear jelly so that is made our trifle looking great.
 I bought a ready made swiss roll from the market near my house - heheee...
Don't be panic with my colourful of my swiss roll. Actually, I want to use mocca swiss roll but my princess ate half of the swiss roll so I decided to mix with the chocolate swiss roll as a base.
Remember to separate mixed fruit from the syrup dear.
 Now, this is how I wet the swiss roll...use the cooking brush not the painting brush lorr...
 Zoom in...I'm wetting my swiss roll....hahaa...
 Cooked custard powder, sugar and evaporated creamer with medium heat.  
 Then pour onto swiss roll.
 Put in the mixed fruit on it.
Lastly, pour jelly crystal on it. nice the layer of my pudding...

Here is my recipe that I wrote on a paper, then my mentor checked my writing (Oh, My English!) hahahaa...
He asked me to put my hand writing recipe in my blog...huhuu...

P/S - maybe after this posted he will asked me to post my next entry in English.  Psstt...he asked for my chocolate cake what is it mean...huhh!!!  :)

 Sorry for my poor hand writing...
That's all from Trifle Pudding.